Saturday, June 27, 2009

God is a lover.

It's 1:34 am - it's my first time to post on here.

To be honest,
I have struggled with what to say first - the words just aren't coming! I sat here, and thought and sat here and stared at the screen..

I decided to share something with you that I wrote earlier today.
Hopefully you will get a glimpse of where my heart is as I prepare to leave home for a year of midwifery and missions.

I said, "O, God I hear the rumbling, the clamor, clash and distant thundering.... I am afraid."

He speaks to me in a gentle breeze, and washes me in perfect peace.
"Do not be afraid; I am with you. Be strong, Be strong - I will lead you on."

"Yes, lord." I'm yours! I love you!

Like an Oak Tree planted by streams of water, you are my Abba, Father!
Each word of His in perfect rhythm, kept by wisdom.. learned by faith.

I utter, "Thank you Jesus for your Grace!"

And when fears surround me to imprison, I hear His Spirit offer wisdom - " listen, listen."
I stand to say that "Christ is risen!"

Of whom should I be afraid?
When by a call upon God's name I am kept safe. - Proverbs 18:10

O, lead me to a stream,
To a rippling stream of laughing water!

I delight to be with you, delight to be near you...
I was a stranger once but now your daughter,
You were unknown to me before I knew you as my Father. - 1 John 3:1-3

My heart is beating for one reason, my King, my Love.
You are.

I said, "O, God I hear the voices of angels singing, the strong and steady call is ever rising, of light and color now colliding!"

God thunders from Heaven and I smell the sounds of His voice in the fragrant honeysuckle-drenched rain.

I am woven in a love, so swept up that it's movements change me...
Away from the old things, alive to everything. God is my God. He is Beautiful above all things.

Written by Orissa M. Kent


  1. Oh Orissa. This is so beautiful. Straight from the throneroom of God.

    His presence is alive in every word.

    He has given you this gift to share. (ahh, you knew I couldn't resist adding that, didn't you?)

  2. Orissa,
    I feel so blessed that you have shared this poem here for me to read and re-read. It is lovely, just like you!
    My prayers and love go with you this day, as you fly off into the big blue sky, to share your heart and serve God, in Australia, and beyond...
    Aunt Michelle

  3. Orissa,

    I am so excited to follow along with you on this journey. This post was absolutely beautiful. I will be praying for you and I know you are going to accomplish wonderful things! May you feel our prayers surrounding you as you go out and do His work!